Automotive A-Z Dictionary

Automotive A-Z

Lane's Complete Dictionary of Automotive Terms


by  Keith Lane


Published by Veloce Publishing Ltd






Back in the days of The Jackson Five it may have been as simple as 1-2-3 but in the world of today's mysterious motoring jargon ABC could probably stand for just about anything, and let's face it, would you know what?


What about ASC, BAS, or CBC come to mention it?  Thought not.


But the simple fact is that these days manufacturers use these terms all the time.  Most now quote the power output of their engines as PS, and not simply because they forgot to mention it the first time round.


Do you understand what these terms really mean or do you simply smile and nod when your colleagues are banging on about bobtailing, bunnyhopping, Coanda effect, fishtailing, Scandinavian flick, or viscoplaning, etc. etc.  when your knowledge of modern terminology really only extends as far as ABS?


Isn't it all getting just a little OTT?


But despite the fact that very few people are able to wade through this quagmire of inexplicable gibberish, it remains the case that glossy brochures are littered with it as the manufacturers try to bamboozle you with science and, time and again, if its got RSW and TPC you'll buy it.


Well now, finally, you too can understand exactly what that pushy salesman is harping on about.  It may be ACE but now you can decide for yourself whether you really need it.


This essential book finally unravels all those automotive buzzwords in a definitive layman's guide.  If you drive any type of vehicle or just want to keep up with the latest developments, this book will keep you one step ahead of the pack, so you'll know why those dampers are filled with gas even if your gas-filled salesman doesn't.



Automotive A-Z

Lane's Complete Dictionary of Automotive Terms

ISBN  1-903706-40-8

by  Keith Lane


The most comprehensive guide to automotive terms available.

For -

learner drivers,

defensive drivers

advanced drivers,

driving instructors,

motoring enthusiasts.

Over 13,000 alphabetical entries,

30 wide-ranging appendices,

250,000 words,

350 pages,

20,000 automotive facts.


The book -

Ø     explains the function of thousands of car, truck, bus & motorcycle components.

Ø     translates English-American/American-English for over 350 automotive terms.

Ø     expands automotive abbreviations, e.g. PS = pferdestärke = metric horsepower.

Ø     defines 360 compound number-words, e.g. 4x4, and 4LLc.

Ø     expands transport acronyms, e.g. IVV.

Ø     explains vehicle functions, e.g. ABS brakes.

Ø     explains driving techniques, e.g. double footing.

Ø     explains unusual vehicle features, e.g. drop down handbrake.

Ø     explains vehicle faults, e.g. black death.

Ø     explains junction styles, e.g. whirl junction.

Ø     defines vehicle types and combinations, e.g. dromedary.

Ø     explains vehicle usage, e.g. bobtailing.

Ø     explains the road environment, e.g. bridleway.

Ø     explains road conditions, e.g. viscoplaning.

Ø     explains traffic control measures, e.g. Trafficmaster.

Ø     details major road routes in UK, Europe and USA.

And much more!




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