Car Park Design

Car Park Design (parking lot design)

Traffic Management is vital in every modern road traffic network. Whilst some modern traffic management systems deploy complex electronics and signalling systems, other networks, e.g. car parks (parking lots) are normally left to the driver's decision alone, often resulting in frustration when searching for a parking space, and more frustration when queueing to exit the car park.



Car park (parking lot) design is often the most neglected form of traffic management. However, unless this important detail is given the attention it needs, great frustration from the driving public will follow, and drivers will have a predilection to park where parking and traffic management is well designed, avoiding those car parks that are not well designed.

Whilst a driver may have little choice over parking at his/her office, wherever he/she has a choice of which shopping mall to chose, the one that is well designed will certainly attract more drivers than another where there is often congestion caused by poor layout.

There are rules and formulas relating to car park layout. These rules and formulas relate to the relative lengths and interconnection of access roads, distributor roads, and the parking aisles within every car park.



Unfortunately, not all architects are aware of these rules and formulas, so it is also very easy to get these rules wrong, resulting in a badly designed car park, resulting in congestion, reduced safety, and frustration by users.

There are many ways of painting parking bays into the space available. Of the myriad of car parks around the world, there are some examples of well-designed car parks, but unfortunately many examples of bad design.

Keith Lane supplies traffic management solutions as a consultancy, specialising in car park design for contented customers.

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