about Keith Lane

about Keith Lane








Keith Lane has been involved with driver training and road safety for over 30 years.


He started in UK as a Department of Transport Approved Driving Instructor, (DoT ADI) teaching learner drivers in UK, then 20 years ago moved into the Corporate Fleet Training market, initially in UK, but then overseas.

He has taught in many countries around the world, and has conducted road traffic research in almost 50 countries on 5 continents.


Keith has amassed numerous qualifications too many to list here, both academic and practical. He has not only 3 driver training diplomas, is a certified driving test examiner, but also holds a B.Sc. degree in driver education, and is presently studying towards his PhD in road safety. He is known and respected by his colleagues worldwide.


Keith has taught Defensive Driving to countless corporate customers, and the number of drivers successfully trained himself and by his teams of instructors in various modes of defensive driving (safe driving) runs into the tens of thousands.


In the process of this Keith has researched, written, & delivered his own range of driver training courses, which are externally certified by the International Association for Driver Education, IVV.  These defensive driving courses are specifically designed to match the driving environmental problems in each country, and are tailored for all vehicle types for each driving environment, e.g. city driving, desert driving, etc.


After conducting significant research, Keith has devised several training strategies that are incorporated into his courses -


He is the Author of:     Lane's Diagonal Rule,

                                          a driver training strategy to reduce crashes.


He is the Author of:     Lane's Golden Triangles of Defensive Driving,

                                          a driver training programme to reduce crashes.


He is the Author of:     Automotive A-Z,

                                          Lane's complete dictionary of automotive terms,

                                          Veloce Publications, ISBN 1-903706-40-8 

                                          www.veloce.co.uk   view at :  



He is the Technical Author of:     Mauritius Highway Code, 2004, 

                                                              produced for the Government of Mauritius.


He has been invited as a guest speaker to numerous events, including to IVV Safex2006 and Safex2008.


Keith presently lives and works in Muscat Oman, providing a road safety consultancy and driver training services to corporate organisations worldwide.


Keith Lane provides services to -

Ø      Governments

Ø      Government Agencies

Ø      Companies

Ø      Training Organisations

Ø      Emergency and special services - Police, Fire, Ambulance, Military, and Airside


The services he offers includes, but are not limited to -

Ø      Road Safety - Driver, Vehicle, & Road Environment

Ø      Traffic Management - specialising in car park design

Ø      Vehicle Fitness Standards & Inspection

Ø      Police & Emergency Driver Training

Ø      Driver Training & Assessing

Ø      Train-the-Trainer, Driving Instructor & Examiner Training

Ø      Research & provision of driver training course materials - all course types

Ø      Defensive Driving Courses - design and sale


Services offered -

Legal services, update of, or drafting of new road traffic law

Ø      Review and amendment of the Road Traffic Act

Ø      Review, amendment, creation of subsidiary Road Traffic Regulations

Ø                   Construction and Use of Vehicles regulations

Ø                   Driving Instructor regulations

Ø                   Driving Licence regulations - Penalty points

Ø                   Driving School and Instructor regulations

Ø                   Vehicle escort regulations

Ø                   Vehicle fitness testing regulations

Ø                   Vehicle lighting regulations

Ø                   Vehicle recovery regulations

Ø                   Highway code

Ø                   Road safety manual

Ø                   Road signs manual

Ø                   Driving Test Examiners manual

Ø                   Vehicle fitness testing manual


Transport policy and planning -

Ø                   Infrastructure planning

Ø                   Engineering safety

Ø                   Engineering efficiency

Ø                   Road layout planning

Ø                   Road traffic accident investigation

Ø                   Road traffic management

Ø                   Speed limit enforcement

Ø                   Speed limit zoning and suitable levels of speed limits

Ø                   Road traffic management

Ø                   Traffic speed control


Road Safety and Traffic Management services -

Ø                   Accident investigation

Ø                   Accident reduction measures

Ø                   Anti-congestion traffic management

Ø                   Car park design

Ø                   Cyclist safety

Ø                   Road safety audit

Ø                   Road safety management

Ø                   Pedestrian safety


Corporate / Municipal services -

Ø                   Road environment inspection & audit

Ø                   Road transport related HSE inspections & audits

Ø                   Creation of corporate safety standards

Ø                   Driver safety campaigns

Ø                   Site safety inspection & audit

Ø                   Site traffic management

Ø                   Vehicle inspection standards

Ø                   Car parking safety design

Ø                   Driver assessments / standards


Driving Tests -

Ø                   Theory question bank preparation

Ø                   Driving test design

Ø                   Driving test manoeuvres design

Ø                   Driving Instructor training

Ø                   Driving Instructor testing

Ø                   Examiner certification

Ø                   Examiner training


Transport Training -

Ø                   Advanced driver training

Ø                   Air brakes training

Ø                   Ambulance driver training

Ø                   Convoy driving

Ø                   Corporate driver training

Ø                   Coupling & uncoupling training

Ø                   Defensive driver training

Ø                   Driver awareness training

Ø                   Driver development training

Ø                   Driver education

Ø                   Driver improvement training

Ø                   Driver safety training

Ø                   Driving Instructor training

Ø                   Emergency braking training

Ø                   Emergency response vehicle driver training

Ø                   Fire Service driver training

Ø                   Fleet risk management

Ø                   Journey Management

Ø                   Learner driving courses

Ø                   Military driver training

Ø                   Police driver training

Ø                   Remedial training

Ø                   Reversing training

Ø                   Skid pan training

Ø                   Training Centre start-up and management

Ø                   Training-of-trainers

Ø                   Writing of training programmes and manuals


Environmental training -

Ø                   City driving

Ø                   Desert driving

Ø                   Eco-driving

Ø                   Jungle driving

Ø                   Mountain driving

Ø                   Rural driving

Ø                   Snow driving

Ø                   Winter driving


Specialist techniques -

Ø                   Accident avoidance techniques

Ø                   Collision avoidance techniques


Skid training -

Ø                   Skid pan design

Ø                   Skid pan training

Ø                   Skid pan training of trainers

Ø                   Skid avoidance

Ø                   Skid control

Ø                   Skid recovery


Airside Safety training -

Ø                   Ramp operations safety

Ø                   Airside vehicle safety


Vehicle types -

Ø                   4x4 off-road vehicles

Ø                   Agricultural vehicles

Ø                   Airside vehicles

Ø                   Articulated lorries

Ø                   Articulated trucks

Ø                   B doubles

Ø                   Buses

Ø                   Cars

Ø                   Construction plant

Ø                   Fork lift trucks

Ø                   Mobile equipment

Ø                   Performance cars

Ø                   Rigid lorries

Ø                   SUV

Ø                   Trucks

Ø                   Truck trailers


Vehicle equipment -

Ø                   Car cam supply

Ø                   Dual car cam supply

Ø                   IVMS supply

Ø                   Vehicle survival equipment






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